1. Undoubtedly, the biggest culprit to a dirty entryway is shoes. Shoes hold debris, dirt and remnants of anything else we’ve stepped on. In many cultures, from Asia to Scandinavia, people remove their shoes before entering the home. Adopt this healthy habit by creating a space to hold shoes. Whether it’s a boot tray, a shoe rack or storage cubbies, removing shoes at the door can avoid grime in your entryway and into your home. TIP: Create a seating area for guests to comfortably remove their shoes. Provide socks or indoor shoes for guests to wear.

2. Ice and snow can be a pain to clean up from the driveway, let alone the entryway. Excess salt dragged inside your doors can leave a powdery residue, or worse, dull the finish on your floors. And while rock salt is a cheap and effective option, it can wreak havoc by causing cracks in your driveway, damaging your plants and causing burns to your pets. Opt for a chloride-free alternative. De-icers make shoveling easier and ice melters, like calcium magnesium acetate and SafePaws, are great for walkways. The pellets are a breeze to clean up. Just vacuum or sweep them up.

3. How many times have you headed out the door only to realize you forgot your phone, your sunglasses or even your keys? We can all use reminders to help us stay organized and make the most of our time. Organize the space in your entryway by adding letter bins, catchalls and shelves to avoid clutter. TIP: Low on space? Try mounting an overhead ledge for mail, sunglasses, etc. with hooks for keys.

4. From wet boots to muddy paws, the entryway drags in all kinds of dirt, snow, mud and rain from the outside. Avoid the mess the easy way. Get an outdoor welcome mat as well as an indoor doormat. Opt for natural fibers to trap dirt and grime and to keep clean up simple. (Just shake it off.) A non-slip backing keeps your mat, you and your guests in place.