Anchor Welcome Mat

Anchor Welcome Mat


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Add a nautical flare to your patio and front door with this anchor entry way welcome doormat made of natural coconut fibers. This anchor doormat is environmentally friendly, made from coco coir with non-slip backing making it sturdy and skid resistant. Sustainably harvested coir fibers are hand spun and tufted on hand looms by artisans in India from coconut husks that would otherwise be discarded into landfills. Long-lasting and durable, these natural coir doormats made from coconut with a non-slip bottom makes this doormat not only highly durable but also a fixture that won’t move when you’re trying to clean off your shoes giving anti-slip protection. Great for indoor or outdoor use, and for beach lovers to welcome their guests.
Welcome guests aboard with a nautical touch but without the salt and sand. This navy blue anchor door mat adds a nautical touch and keeps your deck clean.Our artisanal mat is hand-loomed using natural fibers from coconut husks. It absorbs moisture, resists mildew and stains, and sets the tone for a warm and welcoming home, all while keeping shoes and your floors clean. This mat is perfect for front entry ways, garages, patios, porches and any high traffic areas inside or outside your home. Artisans in India take coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded into landfills and spin and tuft the natural coir fibers on hand looms to make these rugs. This method ensures that this eco-friendly coco mat has long-lasting durability.This all weather welcome mat can be used indoors or outdoors to stop mud, rain, snow, dirt and debris in their tracks. The best part? easy clean up. To clean, just shake the mat off.

Care To clean mat, just shake it off.

Theme:  Coastal
Length:  18
Theme:  Coastal, Seasonal
Material:  Coir
Shape:  Rectangle
Size:  18" x 30"