About Us

Envelor coconut coir products are held to the highest standards and consistently provide the best quality and finest customer experience. We transformed our treasure, the coconut husk, into everyday products. From doormats, to grow pots, and potting soil, our coconut husks have so many incredible uses. Growing healthy plants and fresh produce already feels good but using our coconut coir products makes it even better because of the eco-friendly benefits that come along with each one.

We are all about the environment, sustainability, and biodegradability. Purchasing our products means you are also helping protect the planet and nourish the future.


At Envelor Home & Garden we strive to be much like the coconut. From the water to the husk, the coconut offers value in each part:


When you buy an Envelor Home product, you feel good in knowing you're supporting something that creates a better world for all of us. More than being successful, we prefer being valuable to you, our customer. We offer our services even after our products reach your doorstep. You can contact us anytime if you have further questions and concerns.


Over 100 million farmers in India live on less than $1 a day. Not our farmers. We believe in sustainability and the people we work with are paid higher than the average living wage so they can sustain themselves, their families, and future generations. This is a basis for a brighter future.


We work with local co-ops of artisans who use traditional methods, creating beautiful and long-lasting hand-woven mats. Each of our coir door mats are made of harvested natural coir fibers which are hand spun and tufted on hand looms by our talented artisans in India from coconut husks that would otherwise be discarded into landfills.


Using sustainable and eco-friendly materials whenever possible, we create environment friendly products which are better alternatives. Products like coir growing medium and coir grow pots enable organic gardening which leads you to a healthier lifestyle and a better future


We partner with premium home and garden brands to tell their story to the world and offer their products to our customers.

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