Choosing an Outdoor Fire Pit Design to Cozy Up To in 2020: Styles, DIY Projects, & More!

In the world of outdoor patio furniture, fire pits have become a popular choice for many households. With affordable and trendy options that can be used all year round, these outdoor accessories have surely made a hot name for themselves. Bored on a chilly night? Head to the fire pit. Having friends over, but need somewhere unique to socialize? Take a comfy seat around the fire. You can even take on your own DIY fire pit project if you are feeling extra creative!

With so many styles and fire pit products on the market—from tables and bowls, to tank covers and fire pit seating, it can be hard to choose the right pieces for your yard. Here’s a quick guide to navigate through the different fire pit styles, some cool DIY projects, and unique fire pit seating layouts.

First Thing’s First…Tips for Creating a Fire Pit Area in Your Yard
There are a few things to keep in mind before diving into your backyard fire pit design:

1. Whether you want a portable or permanent fire pit. Portable fire pits include fire tables and fire bowls, both which come in a variety of styles and sizes. These give you the flexibility to rearrange your outdoor space whenever you feel like it, or even take your fire pit on weekend trips and vacations. Permanent masonry pits can be installed in your yard space, or you can take on a DIY project of your own! Keep in mind that with permanent styles, you’ll have to bring the party to the pit, instead of moving the pit to your party.

2. Location in your outdoor space. When choosing a fire pit, you should know whether you will want it on your deck, in the grass, or on your patio. This is extremely important, not only to prevent damage to your yard space, but for safety reasons as well. Especially when choosing to position a fire pit on your deck, be sure that the model is marked, ‘safe for deck’. If the style pit that you chose doesn’t explicitly say this, you may risk damaging your deck or starting a yard fire. If you are thinking of keeping a pit in your grass area, consider surrounding it with stones or gravel to keep embers from falling directly into the grass. Always be sure to follow safety measures while using your fire pit and after you close it up for the night!

3. Natural gas fire pits vs propane fire pits. There are a bunch of pros and cons for any type of fire pit fuel. The two main fuels are natural gas and propane, each with their own set of benefits and downfalls. Natural gas fire pits tend to be the ‘cleaner’ option, however propane fire pits generally burn brighter and work more efficiently. Natural gas is hooked up to a gas line in your home, so mobility is very limited. If you are looking for a portable pit option, propane is the convenient way to go. Both fuels will last you a sufficient amount of time, with the right installation and upkeep.

4. Keep in mind how much yard space you have available. When adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space, you will want to think about the other patio furniture you already have, and how much space it takes up. There is nothing worse than trying to re-vamp a cluttered backyard! If your patio or deck space is already full, consider installing or building your own masonry pit in your yard space. These give off a cozy campfire feel, and save room on your patio for other furniture. If you have a smaller yard, a fire bowl may be a better option. These are space-conscious and portable fire pits.

5. The number of guests you are planning to have over. Knowing how many people, on average, that you will invite over to the fire on any given night can help you make a confident decision. If you already know that ten people will show up to the weekend fire nights, you will definitely need a bigger model! This number is also helpful when choosing your fire pit seating. Long fire pit benches or sectional sofas are great for fitting several guests around your fire comfortably!

Now that you know what to keep in mind when searching for your own fire pit, we can take a look at the different styles the market has to offer!

Kicking it Up a Notch with Unique Fire Tables
While you may picture fire tables as regular, rectangular patio tables—think again. This type of fire pit comes in so many shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, so there is something for everyone! Many are space-conscious, so you can even have a few scattered around your patio or deck. You can find modern, urban, or farmhouse/rustic styles, in several different textures and colors.

Here’s what you should look for in each type of design:

If you’re going for a farmhouse/rustic look… keep an eye out for any fire pits that have wooden or wood-like features. Anything with a tree stump shape or stone textures will fit that rustic vision perfectly!
If you prefer a more modern feel… modern pits will have sleek colors and clean edges. A black, square fire pit table will re-vamp your patio space all on its own.
If an urban style is the one for you… lastly, if you like an urban look, search for elevated fire pits, smooth sides and edges, and grey or silver color schemes.

More recently, fire pit coffee tables have made their way into the spotlight. These low-rise tables have plenty of surface space for drinks and snacks. For those who need some additional table space for their patio chairs or sectionals, a fire pit coffee table makes a perfect centerpiece.

Even more luxurious, patio tables with fire pits in middle are the perfect way to enjoy a toasty meal with friends and family. These pits offer tons of patio table space, with the added benefit of a cozy fire right in the center. This design also saves you space, since it’s both a fire pit and dining table. If you’re looking for a unique outdoor table to entertain more guests, try this dual-purpose option!

The Hottest Modern Trend—Fire Pit Bowls
Fire bowls are another space-conscious option to consider adding to your backyard. Many bowl pits are made of smooth concrete, and include lava rocks for a beautiful aesthetic. This is another convenient and portable option.

A great place to keep a fire bowl is in the middle of a conversation set, by the pool for chillier night swimming days, or next to your sectional sofa. Keep some fuzzy throw blankets nearby for a cozy experience!

There are tons of DIY fire bowl designs you can choose from. Many allow you to use recycled materials for an eco-friendly project! You can keep a few fire bowls around the yard for a glowy night.

Have Some Fun with It: DIY Outdoor Fire Pits
If you’re feeling extra creative during your backyard re-vamp, try out a DIY fire pit project! You can find a ton of affordable, quick, and fun ideas online. These are a great way to bond with family and friends, while adding something personal to your outdoor space. Many of these designs allow you to repurpose old materials, making it a ‘green’ option. Here are three quick ideas to get you started:

The Urban Fire Pit
Following the urban-style guidelines, this DIY pit will be light grey in color and square with sleek edges. You’ll need some square and rectangular pavers, a heat-resistant adhesive, and some pea gravel. Start by digging a square patch out of the ground, about four inches deep for a solid base. You can make the square as large as you’d like your fire pit to be, but measure the space before you begin! Start placing your rectangular pavers around the perimeter of the square patch, and add a layer of adhesive. Continue stacking until your fire pit walls are the desired height. Once you’ve reached the top, lay out your square pavers so that their edges reach past the rectangular pavers. This will give your pit a finished and professional look. Finally, lay your pea gravel at the bottom of your fire pit. Add some fire wood and start your cozy fire!

The Rustic Stone Fire Pit
The type of stone you choose for this project will really determine how rustic it looks. Asymmetrical and textured stones with red and brown color tones are perfect for a forest/rustic look.

You will also need a fire-resistant adhesive to make sure your stones stay in place all year round. First, choose a spot in your yard to start building. A round shape will give the asymmetrical stones a softer look. Mark your desired space off with a rope, and start digging about three inches deep. Lay out your base level with stones that are similar in size and shape. As you stack, your stones can differ greatly, but having a sturdy base is vital for the longevity of your pit. For this style, you’ll want to stack only about a foot high. Once you start your fire pit, you’ll see how beautifully the flames reflect off of the reddish stones!

The Modern Recycled Fire Bowl
As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of design plans for a DIY fire bowl. Repurposing materials to make your own personal fire pit is a fun and unique way to recycle and go-green.
This simple fire pit bowl only requires four materials: a fire proof container of your choosing, heat-resistant paint, tempered glass chips, and gel fuel cans. This is a smaller DIY option, but a perfect eye catcher! You can even make a few of these to place all around your backyard. There is also a lot of room for creativity with this project, so get ready to have fun with it. Take your fireproof bowl and your heat-resistant paint. Design your containers so that they complement your patio furniture and personal style. Once the paint is completely dry, place one to two gel cans in the center of your bowl. Then, fill the rest of the bowl with tempered glass chips so that they just reach the top of the gel cans. Find the perfect placement for your modern table bowl and enjoy!

Tank Covers Can be Stylish Too
Fire pit tank covers are a stylish way to cover your propane tanks. These covers also help to increase the longevity of your tank, keeping it safe from harsh weather or debris.

You can find these covers in a variety of shapes, textures, sizes, and colors. There are plenty of urban, modern, or rustic styled covers that will match any backyard theme!

An Affordable Option
For those who aren’t feeling as artsy, there are still affordable fire pits to lust over! Cheap propane fire pit tables are inexpensive, long-lasting, and perfect for any yard. Propane fuel works efficiently for long periods of time, so you can feel confident that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. If you have a larger yard, you may want to grab a few cheap pits to place around your entire outdoor space. Keep one by the pool for a cooler night and another on the deck for additional guests to enjoy!

Take a Seat! Fire Pit Seating Ideas
One of the most fun parts of designing a fire pit area in your yard is the seating! This is a way for you to express personal style, while giving your guests a comfy spot to hangout. Take a look at these trendy fire pit seating layouts:

1. Benches. Bench seating has become extremely popular in the outdoor patio furniture market. These are perfect for entertaining a lot of guests at one time, and offer a unique place to sit and socialize. Especially if you have a permanent masonry pit in your lawn area, benches are the perfect height to see that roaring fire. You can find fire pit benches that are rounded to create a more intimate feel, keeping you and your guests circled around the pit for hours at a time! If you want to get creative, try out a DIY stone fire pit bench. You can build these with some simple tools, concrete pavers, and a heat-resistant adhesive.

2. Sectional sofas or day beds. If you want to get really cozy by the fire, sectional sofas and day beds are the way to go. These will give you fire pit space a softer look and feel. Choosing this type of seating also gives you some room to play with more colors and patterns.

Your fire pit sectional can have funky cushions, throw pillows, or blankets for style and comfort. Adding a day bed to the mix will make your fire pit seating area even more cozy and intimate. If you need some alone time, a day bed by the fire during any season will give you the ultimate relaxation break.

3. Fire pit conversation sets. Similar to sectionals or day beds, fire pit conversation sets allow you to play around with colors and patterns. This is a great option for those who keep their fire pit on the patio or deck. These outdoor patio furniture sets come in a variety of styles and materials, and include a unique arrangement of patio pieces. One conversation set may include a love sofa and an armchair, while another may include several cushioned patio chairs, while another could include a sofa and a side table. When looking for your own set, keep in mind how many people will be around the fire on average, and which types of patio furniture your loved ones prefer!

4. Hanging chairs. Hanging chairs or swinging benches are definitely the modern and trendy way to enjoy a fire! Some hanging seats have a more bohemian-chic look, while others may be simple and refined. Especially with kids or teens, these chairs are a hit!

5. Mix and match. Mixing up your seating options is always a stylish option, in any part of your yard. Having a variety of seats for your guests to choose from will make everyone comfortable and feel right at home. More supportive patio or lawn chairs are great for older folks, while those hanging chairs and day beds make for the perfect

Now that you have some cool fire pit styles and layouts to look for, get excited to redesign your backyard space! While location, mobility, and types of fuel are important factors to consider, don’t forget to have fun creating your fire pit area.

Whether you are purchasing a pit, taking on a DIY project, or choosing the comfiest seating for you and your guests, be sure to reflect your own style and preference. There’s plenty of trendy ideas to go around!