The Ultimate Guide For Everything Coco Coir & Hydroponics For Beginner Gardeners

With so many new eco-friendly lawn and garden options on the market, it can be tough to choose which ones to use in your yard. You may find sustainable products, but find yourself unsure of how to use them efficiently or the science behind how they help the environment. If you plan to start a hobby in gardening and need some start-up ideas, this is the perfect eco-friendly guide! Read on to learn about coconut coir garden products, the benefits of using coir, hydroponics, DIY models to take on yourself, and how to use them in your own gardening plans!

Getting to Know the Coconut

While coconut trees may not have the highest of yields per year, the number of uses each fruit has makes up for it. It is estimated that about one-hundred and fifty coconuts grow from each tree, annually. The meat from these fruits can be dried and packaged for eating, or consumed fresh. Coconut oil can also be made from the flesh of the nut, and used in cooking, home remedies, and for skin and hair care. Coconut milk and water make for healthy beverage alternatives. In the past, the coir of a coconut has been considered a waste product of this multi-purpose fruit. The coir was tossed away during manufacturing, until it was discovered that it could be used in various ways for gardening and the home.

What is Coconut Coir?

The coir of a coconut is the part between the hard, outer shell and the inner pith. The coconut husk, coir, and pith can all be used to make a variety of sustainable growing alternatives. The way in which manufacturers prepare these products is key to how efficient they will be in the long-run. Coconut raw materials undergo an extensive process to become the growing media that we see in stores and online. Everything from extraction, to curation, to processing and packaging is extremely important to ensure quality products. Manufacturers who harvest their own coconuts yield the highest quality goods, since they oversee the entire process and keep everything consistent.