10 best outdoor rubber mats of 2021

Choosing the ideal outdoor mat greatly depends on the look and functionality you need for a mat. It seems straightforward to want a mat that meets everyday needs, but there are several rubber mats available on the market that deliver more than just a welcome mat for a home or office setting.
How To Choose The Best Outdoor Rubber Mat

When it comes to picking the ideal outdoor rubber mat, you first have to determine what the purpose, functionality, and potential style you need for your location. From home decor to workplace necessity, there are things to consider first before determining the best mat out there.

Home Decor and Function

If you are searching for a welcome mat for your home, then it is important to consider the type of mat you want that will match your home decoration already. Several outdoor mats available include common home phrases that add personality to the space that are also useful for trapping dirt before the family runs through the door.

When checking out what mat is best, look for the style you like and then determine what function it serves within the home. From kitchen mats to outdoor welcome mats, there are varying options to choose from that are in the marketplace.

Workplace Facility

If you need a workplace facility rubber door mat, then the functionality you need will be different than a simple home mat with a welcoming phrase. Industrial needs often include rubber mats with holes or easily cleaned outdoor mats that can be hosed off quickly without being removed.

If your office or workplace needs more coverage for trapping dirt, then considering an interlocking mechanism for rubber utility mats are ideal to match the range needed and the functionality necessary for the space.

What To Look Out For When Making a Purchase

When making a final decision on the best outdoor mat, make sure to check the sizing options available as well as the materials used to ensure durability and longevity. If an outdoor mat is made from cheaper materials, it may wear out quickly with high-traffic use or become an issue with mold problems.
Read the final details to make sure the outdoor mat you are purchasing fits your needs and the look you want within the outdoor space.

Discover the 10 Best Outdoor Rubber Mats of 2021

Check out the top 10 best rubber mats for this year that are crowd favorites for style, purpose, and price.

1. Envelor Footsteps Rubber Floor Tray

Envelor Footsteps Rubber Floor Tray is designed to handle all weather conditions. The sleek design comes with higher rims along the edges that are created to contain dirt, water, and accidental spills.

The multi-purpose use allows for needs from dirty shoes, to a supply holding area, an ideal garden tray, or as extra coverage for litter boxes. With more than just use for an outdoor rubber mat, you can shift where the mat needs to be located depending on the season and the household need.

The material is durable with non-slip texture to keep you balanced and on your feet when in a rush. With the weight only being five pounds, it makes it a portable option and a great addition for any workplace or home that needs rubber mats for outside.

2. DEXI Outdoor Doormat

The DEXI outdoor mat is made with efficiency when it comes to trapping dirt. The rubber backing and polypropylene material create a non-slip surface that is easy to clean and durable for everyday use.

The rubber door mat includes heavy duty backing that keeps its placement on the floor without the concern of it moving underneath your feet unexpectedly. With the assurance that the mat will not move around on the floor, you can effectively manage floor cleanliness by trapping dirt, dust, snow, and anything else that gets trapped underneath shoes from being outside.

To clean the mat, you can use a small vacuum across the patterned grooves, or shake it off outside. If the mat becomes too dirty to shake off, simply use a mild detergent to wash down the mat. Make sure you let the mat dry fully before placing it back on the floor to ensure no watermarks are created on the flooring inside or outside of your home or workplace.

DEXI has a 10-year guarantee policy that ensures if you are not satisfied, you can return it with no questions asked. It proves how durable the material is and how much confidence the company has that you will absolutely love the rubber mat as a statement and functional piece in your space.

3. Fleur-De-Lys Rubber Doormat

Fleur-De-Lys Rubber Doormat is the definition of class and style when it comes to purchasing a rubber mat with holes. The style of the mat includes an intricate design in various shapes to match doorway looks and meet functionality needs.

The curlicues created with rubber have the essence of an iron gate and hold a timeless look for any home that wants more style incorporated. The rectangular or half-round versions available are sized perfectly to match the size of any front door and can be utilized across multiple doorways across a home.

To clean the Fleur-De-Lys Rubber Doormat, use a mild detergent to wipe down the surface, or simply shake the mat off outside. If needed, hose the doormat down outside and let it hang outside to dry.

4. Garnet Hill’s Gems Water Guard Mat

Garnet Hill’s Gems Water Guard Mat comes in eight different colors that can pair seamlessly with your outdoor aesthetic. Available in blue, bluestone, bordeaux, dark brown, dark charcoal, dark green, gray, and light brown, there are plenty of options to meet your needs for outdoor rubber mats.

When it comes to sizing options, the Garnet HIll’s outdoor rubber mats do not shy away from any potential varieties you need. With 2’ x 3’, 22” x 60”, 3’ x 5’, 24” x 39” half round, and a 3’ x 8’ runner options, you can mix and match across various doorways, indoor or outdoor, across your home.

The guard mat can be used in different spaces throughout the home including under a kitchen island, bathroom vanity, or walkways within the home. The material is created to be mold and mildew resistant which deters the mat from having the potential to rot or suffer from extreme elements.

Complete with a rubber border to keep dirt and water in, you can be rest assured that you are getting one of the highest quality rubber mats available on the market.

5. Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip is known for quality mats that are personable, heavy duty, and all natural. The Gorilla Grip technology is specifically created to trap dirt and sand, which makes it ideal for beach settings or dusty locations.

The variable styles, phrases, and colors reach a wide range of home looks that are ideal for anyone looking at a personable welcome mat that can withstand the test of time. Whether you want a home sweet home mat, or a gone fishing mat, there is an entrance mat for all personalities and looks.

Gorilla Grip rubber mats come in various sizes including 17” x 29”, 23” x 35”, 47” x 35”, and 72” x 24.” Like other mats available, the rubber backing is covered by woven polypropylene fabric that can either be in a design, or a simple texture. The material dries quickly, which prevents trapped moisture that can turn into a potential issue.

The mat can serve as a welcome mat or a rubber boot tray that collects dirt and water before it ever has the chance to enter the home unnecessarily. When it comes to cleaning the mat, the easiest way is to vacuum the surface or sweep it with a broom outside. If the mat becomes covered in too much dirt, use a mild soap or spray it down with a garden hose outside and let it dry thoroughly.

6. Envelor Home and Garden Rubber Tile Solid Interlocking Floor Mat Doormat

Envelor created the ideal interlocking rubber mats that are made to last throughout the years of use. The design makes it easy to connect sections that are eco-friendly and sustainable for the long-term. The resilient material is created with anti-fatigue technology that is resilient but comfortable.

The rubber material can be used across indoor and outdoor needs, depending on where you need rubber mats the most to trap dirt and debris from entering the home or workplace floors. The rubber door mat weighs more than other mats available due to the interlocking ability and can range up to bigger sizes than other options available on the market.

With the structure of the mat made with high-quality materials, it is able to withstand snow removal, heavier loads of dirt, and moisture collection that come with use within a workplace, rural setting, or busy home.

7. SafetyCare Interlocking Rubber Drainage Floor Mat

SafetyCare created interlocking rubber drainage mats that are meant for liquid to safely pass through the holes in the material. Often this type of rubber mat is used for workstations in areas that have a high amount of traffic and need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

The drainage mat is most ideal for use within kitchens, food service locations, mechanic shops, and industrial spaces. The mat only comes in one size of 24 x 16 inches with 5/8 inches of thickness that weighs a little over two pounds. The small pins on the bottom of the mat allow for water to drain easily through without the hassle of having to lift the mat up to wash the surface below.

If you are looking for more than just one mat, there is also a multi-pack option for a rubber mat with holes that includes connectors to reach a wider range of surfaces across the floor. With application for indoor and outdoor settings, the interlocking floor mat has greater use for workplace locations or a home with a high amount of activity within main areas.

8. DII Indoor Outdoor Rubber Easy Clean Entry Way Welcome Doormat

While many mats available are made from recycled materials, DII makes easy to clean rubber mats for outside that can handle all types of weather conditions.

The repeated design across the mat gives the ability to trap dirt with ease that effectively holds grit, dust, mud, grass, or snow. The holes within the mat make it easy to drain water to ensure no moisture is trapped on the mat.

The look of the mat is initially created for outdoor use, but can also suit an indoor setting that either leads to a garage or a patio. The 100% recycled rubber has anti-mold chemical within it that adds to the longevity of the mat and ensures it will be a home statement piece with functionality.

The material also includes an anti-slip guarantee that ensures the mat will not be easily moved around where it is placed, as well as keeps you, the family, and any guests safe from losing their balance to moisture trapped on the mat. DII also has multiple designs available for rubber welcome mats to match the look and feel across the home.

9. Durable Corporation Heavy Duty Rubber Fingertip Outdoor Entrance Mat

Durable Corporation takes a unique approach to outdoor rubber mats. The outdoor mat includes rubber fingertips that are manufactured to wipe off dirt and trap moisture before it enters the home accidentally.

The corrugated pattern on the bottom of the mat keeps it in place and includes beveled edging that adds an extra level of security when entering the home or facility entrance. The sizes vary depending on what you need for the space it is intended for. Sizing options include 16” x 24,” 24” x 32,” 28” x 46,” 32” x 39,” 36” x 60,” 36” x 72” with a 5/8 inch thickness.

The mat itself has an industrial look to it that is ideal for workplace settings, garage facilities, or for heavily trafficked areas outside the home.

10. SoHome Welcome Outdoor Door Mat Made from Durable Natural Rubber

SoHome knows exactly what to say when it comes to personable functionality for your home. The anti-slipping backing and ultra absorbent material is ideal for outdoor use that includes a level of personality for an entrance mat.

Phrases on the welcome mats include bless this home, this house is blessed by paws, and there’s no place like home that brings the low-pile polypropylene tuft to a cozy feeling. The low-profile outdoor mat comes in two sizes of 18” x 30” and 18” x 48,” depending on the door size you need it for.

The mat is created to be low-profile in places across the home that include the laundry room, kitchen, foyer, mudroom, patio, garage, or the front door. With materials that are easily cleaned, you can either sweep, vacuum, or shake off the mat as needed to remove unwanted debris.

Find what phrase you love and add it to your decor to make a house into a home.

Find What Rubber Mat Meets Your Outdoor Needs

Rubber mats come in a range of varieties that serve different purposes across home needs or workplace settings. Find what rubber mat matches the aesthetic and functionality you want to effectively prevent dirt, grime, and water from entering your home or work facility.