9 best fire pits of 2021 - A step by step guide to choose the right one

If you are looking for the best fire pit for your summer evenings this year, there are a few aspects to consider before making a purchase.

Whether you are entertaining company or want a quiet evening to yourself, a fire pit has the ability to give a sense of ambience and brings the final piece needed for any outdoor garden setting.

Follow our step-by-step guide to know what to look out for and how to choose the ideal fire pit to create memories and bring together the perfect outdoor patio area.

Step 1: Determine The Purpose Of The Fire Pit

While it sounds simple, knowing the purpose of having an outdoor fire pit can help further determine the type of one you need. If you are considering traveling with a fire pit, then the type of one you need will be different from a permanent structure placed in the backyard. Types of fire pits include:

Wood Burning Fire Pit
A wood burning fire pit is designed to match the look and feel of a campfire, but without the hassle of having to light one. Some designs include the essence of smoke and deep crackles of wood that feel real.

Wood Burning Grill
A wood burning grill gives the best of both worlds when it comes to the aesthetic of an outdoor fire pit and the functionality for grilling food. While there are several versions and models for grills, a wood burning option provides more of a sleek backyard look.

Stone or Brick Fire Pit
Stone and brick fire pits are a classic styling that can have a modern or rustic feeling. A stone or brick option can range from a DIY project in the backyard to a high-quality pre-made version that is ready at the click of a button.

Propane Fire Pit
A propane fire pit offers more versatility with designs that offer sleek looks with glass or rock. Propane fire pits also have the ability to be portable for trips or to be moved to a different location in the yard.

Bowl Fire Pit
Bowl fire pits are the definition of luxury and adds to the longevity of an outdoor space. Many feature intricate designs and customized looks that elevate the ambience and appeal to a designer’s eye.

Fire Table
Fire tables have become increasingly popular among outdoor venues, which makes it a relevant statement in your outdoor space. With the ability to safely set drinks beside it and have enough open space for everyone to enjoy the fire, it is a great option for hosting any gathering.

Gel Fuel Fire Pit
Gel fuel is a smokeless fuel that is widely used for fire pits due to its portability and size options. With a variety of designs that utilize gel fuel, you can find either gel fueled logs or tabletop fire pits that are able to go on any surface.

Natural Gas Fire Pit
A natural gas fire pit is a popular choice among homeowners that have the option of a natural gas fuel line. Many gas fire pits can involve brick, stone, or copper foundations that add to a luxury backyard aesthetic.

Concrete Fire Pit
Choosing a concrete fire pit is a great addition and often can add a layer of safety for installing a luxury patio outdoor space. Concrete also adds a permanent structure to the backyard that may be more appealing for those looking for every day use of a fire.

Chiminea Fire Pit
Historically, chiminea fire pits appeared nearly 400 years ago. While traditionally chimineas were made out of fired clay, you can now find a range of versions available that can reach several feet and direct the smoke upwards.

Step 2: Know What Space You Have To Work With

Fire pits have different space needs, as well as connections for fuel lines. Take an assessment of your outdoor space to see what type of fire pit may work best in the square footage you have. From there, you can determine what type of one to install and the aesthetic you want to create for the backyard of your dreams.
Choose a Permanent or Portable Option

If you have the capability for the fire pit to move around to different areas within the yard, then it would be beneficial to choose a gel fuel or propane fire pit that has portable capability. Portable fire pits can also be used for outdoor camping or as an added tag along to a friend’s place that does not have a fire pit already in place.

If you are looking for a stationary and more permanent structure, then it may require fuel lines or more work for installation to ensure it stays in place and is not bumped accidentally while doing yard work outside. A permanent fixture can include a concrete fire pit or natural gas fire pit with a fuel line that makes it easy to turn off and on at a moment's notice.

Cozy Ambience or Outdoor Heating

If you are looking for the cozy feeling of flames without the hassle, then there are several outdoor fire pits that offer smokeless flames that are used primarily as a decorative item outside or within luxury accommodations or homes. Smokeless flame options do not always include heat emission, which is why it is important to check the heat rating and radius on the fire pit of your choice.

For outdoor heating options, a portable outdoor heater may be more applicable for what you need if you are looking for a heat source outside without the need for the ambience of flames. Outdoor heating and cooking options offer heat emission capability that include flames and functionality for grilling. It all depends on how you want to use the fire pit and how permanent you want the structure for the space you have.

For cozy ambience and heating options, there is still the option for a gas fire pit or a wood fire pit that give the aesthetic and heat functionality.

Step 3: Learn What Type Of Fuel Is Available

For some areas, a natural gas line or fire pit propane may not be an available option. Knowing what type of fuel a fire pit needs is pertinent to making the best decision for what fire pits you can have in your backyard.

Natural gas lines require extra installation and need careful attention to ensure nothing goes wrong. If there are propane options, it is important to check supply levels and ensure the propane fuel is turned on and off correctly to avoid any potential mishaps when turning on the outdoor fire pit.

While it may seem more of a hassle, having a fuel line can often make it an easier daily routine. Rather than having to light anything, the fire pit works for you to deliver ambience with ease. If you are uncertain about what type of fuel is available in your area, consider consulting a local hardware store about available options.

Step 4: Consider What Heat Output You Need

The range of heat you want is important when looking for a design that reaches beyond just the tips of the flames. For some fire pits available, they are not made to emit heat at all and only serve as a decorative purpose.

If you are looking for the cozy aesthetic feeling of a fire alongside heat emission, then it is important to look at the BTU level of a fire pit. A BTU is also known as British Thermal Units, which is a unit of energy that is needed to heat a pound of water. Meaning, the higher the BTU level, the more flame and heat a fire pit is able to emit.

Natural gas has less BTU’s than liquid propane options. Liquid propane has the capacity to range around 2500 BTU to reach three feet, while natural gas only reaches 1000 BTU for three feet. The more BTU’s a fire pit has, the higher ratings for warmth it gives, but it will cost more to burn.

Step 5: Discover The Ideal Backyard Aesthetic

While heat output and use of space are important aspects to consider when buying a fire pit, it is also important to consider the type of look you want in your backyard space.

If your aesthetic is approaching luxury patio outdoor looks, then a propane fire pit table, bowl fire pit, or concrete fire pit may be more the style you want. For simpler looks, a fire pit with a portable option may work better for your style.

Whether you want simplicity or luxury, there is an outdoor fire pit out there that can match your style.

Step 6: Discover the 9 Best Fire Pits of 2021

1. Envelor Outdoor Hampton Fire Pit Table

When it comes to luxury, Envelor’s Outdoor Hampton Fire Pit gives the high-class aesthetic for any outdoor setting. The model comes with a liquid propane regulator and natural gas fire pit hose for easy setup. With a simple click of the button, you can light the fire immediately for a no-hassle evening.

2. Kingso Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

Kingso Outdoor Patio Fire Pit is a crowd favorite that makes having a fire easy. With a durable steel frame, the portable fire pit bowl is designed for all weather schemes and can be used as a grill, bonfire pit, or for backyard entertaining.

3. AZ Hammered Bronze Square Fire Pit

AZ Patio is known for its top-notch heaters and the Hammered Bronze Square Fire Pit is no exception. The design allows for space to put drinks and a heating area that reaches 15 diameters. The fire pit runs on propane and has integrated ignition for an outdoor fire pit.

4. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit offers a classic look that features antique bronze painted steel all within one fire pit bowl. The fire pit comes with a mesh fire screen to place on top that keeps flames in line and guests toasty warm.

5. Y-Me Wood Fire Pit

Y-Me created a wood fire pit that has design and functionality all in one. With animals traced out on the side, it adds to any backyard look for someone who loves the great outdoors. The fire pit comes with a grill grate for functionality and has a spark screen with an easy handle to manage the flames.

6. Sunnydaze 36-inch Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

Sunnydaze offers a little more space for a fire in their 36-inch crossweave fire pit that brings style and warmth to an outdoor space. The fire pit is designed for burning large wood and is designed for optimal air flow to circulate heat around the space while containing any stray embers.

7. Novogratz 22-Inch Wood Fire Pit

Novogratz brings a modern look to fire pits with its round sleek design. Complete with the ability to grill, the 22-inch wood fire pit is ideal for outdoor camping, backyard fun, or even beach hangouts. The fire pit also comes with a rain cover, steel lid, and mesh dome.

8. Tacklife Auto-Ignition Propane Fire Pit

Tacklife Auto-Ignition Propane Fire Pit is created to match any weather scheme. The design is made with a stainless steel burner, external switch for ease of use, and volcanic stone that ties the look all together. Unique to the design is a lid cover that shifts the fire pit into a table for multipurpose use.

9. Outland Living Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Outland is a top pick when it comes to easy portability for travel and straightforward set up for a fire pit. The design is simplistic in its look and is widely recommended among outdoor garden experts. Outland also offers a cover and carry kit to go with, which makes it great for taking along for camping or for an outdoor travel accessory for gatherings.

Find Your Dream Fire Pit

Depending on the space you have, the resources available, and your personal preference, you can discover the ideal fire pit that matches your backyard aesthetic. Fire pits add value to a home and are highly sought after for backyard gatherings or solo evenings.

From the ambience of camping to the luxury of home living, there are a variety of options for fire pits to suit any home.